Thursday 25 May 2017

Science Awards

Congratulations to Jeremiah and Fraser for achieving the Science awards at our Primary  assembly.

Our Assembly Item

Our rap sung to "Galway Girl" by Ed Sheeran

Space, space is a never ending place you should really take a look
Or read in some books. Here are some facts on space!
The Earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the Earth
The sun has flares and sunspots too
8 planets in our solar system, yea

We are learning a lot this term
all about the curriculum.
Science, Maths, Geography
English, History and PE.
4E, 4E,
we are conquering all we need
4E, 4E,
how cool are we!
Don’t you see
We are always, always, always, always free.

We are learning about the time; 1:00, 2:00
What does the clock say I don’t know; 1:30, 2:30
I went to school and learned about time; 1:40, 2:40
Now we know the time, I am the time master

You know it; it’s Australia.
Plants live on it, it’s green and orange
Living things live on it, on it.
All the way down in the southern hemisphere.
Australia, Australia
We have six states and two territories.
We are the smallest continent and the biggest island

English, we learned about the emu
and Malu the kangaroo.
The rainbow serpent is a snake
who created the world with a shake.
Then the snake saw her daughter
and Tiddalick took all the water.
Then he laughed and spat it all out
and there was no more drought.

Aboriginals, Aboriginals found by the English
It is historical. The Aboriginals had symbols.
The Aboriginal symbols.
Aboriginal dance to the didgeridoo
and eat the best like kangaroo and emu.
The Aboriginal were found by the Chinese then the Dutch.

We are learning soccer, soccer.
I learned the Maradona turn.
I know how to turn with the ball.
Our coach told us never to fall.
I learned to dribble and how to kick.
And then we learned the rainbow flick.
I am filled with power I train every hour.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Assembly Item song

Science Projects

The projects were awesome! Some of  them were movable some were not also some of them were on hangers. Fraser


We had to learn a dance. It was funny, it was cool, it was fancy. I didn't really like it. Jackson


Monday 15 May 2017

Together for Humanity

Today we got to go and meet some people from different religions and it was fun.
They told us about different religions and symbols.
They let us try to guess some objects. Fraser was first up to guess an object it was a drum.
Christian T.

Science Excursion

Thursday 4 May 2017

Cross Country

Today I went to the Cross Country. I had to run 2km. I felt tied at the end of it. I won my race. Rosie.