Tuesday 31 October 2017

Australian Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens was the very best trip we went on and we saw very exiting things.  We saw the Plant Bank, sundial and a big wedding knot which was not cemented, it was stuck together by pressure. We also went hiking up the tallest hill in our area, Mt Annan. Thank you Mrs Young for helping us today and Mrs Mackie for cooking the BBQ.  By Harry and Tristan

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Kite Flying

This is for Tinker Time on Thursday.
View the following clips to see how to design a kite. Make sure you make notes in your booklet.

Thursday 19 October 2017


Today during Sport time we learned about AFL. One of the activities was passing and it was very hard to aim with our hands. We played a game and the coach shouted out front, middle or back and we had to go to certain positions. By Alex.

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