Thursday, 9 November 2017

Grandparents Day

It was fun having the Grandparents in our classroom. We played lots of games and the Grandparents liked them a lot. We had two games Kahoot and Roll a Grandpa. We had an assembly for the grandparents. We also had a cake stall with a cafe at recess. We loved the Grandparents' visit.  Katherine


  1. When we arrived, we got a menu to choose dishes to cook: for soup I chose a shrimp soup, spring rolls for appetizer, Pad Thai and Masaman curry for the main dishes and Mango sticky Rice for dessert. We started with making the soup and the Pad Thai. I am not a big soup guy but I love Pad Thai and probably had one per day on average for the time I’ve been in Vietnam. It was really simple to make, as were all the other dishes. Some of them just needed more preparation than the others. We made the curry dishes from scratch and that was a time-consuming task, cutting 10-15 ingredients to tiny pieces and then crushing it to a paste.
    I have never been very crafty so my spring rolls looked nothing like spring rolls but they tasted really good nonetheless. Last but not least was dessert. Mango Sticky rice is widely available at markets in Vietnam and if you’ve never had one it’s rice sweetened with sugar and coconut milk topped with peanuts(optional) and served with mango. More details


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